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As an employer you may need help understanding and implementing the various changes to employment law that are being introduced on what seems a regular basis. As employment lawyers we can help and advice you on all the necessary changes you need to make.

Employers have to contend with things like the abolition of the default retirement age which means employers cannot issue any new notifications of retirement using the default retirement age. If an employer wants to have a compulsory age for retirement within his business, they will need to justify this.

There have been changes to maternity and paternity leave provisions with regards to the age of fathers at the time of the birth of children and whether the mother has returned to work. Statutary rates for maternity and paternity pay have also been seen changes.

There have been changes to entitlements for agency workers on basic employment conditions such as holidays and pay and access to facilities such as childcare, transport and canteens. So as soon as they start assignments they are entitled to the same facilities as permanent staff.

There have also been changes to the Equality Act 2010, the Bribary Act 2010 and rights of employees to request flexible working extensions.

If you require any technical help on how to implement or manage these changes or and employment law help with incidents surrounding these changes please contact us now on 01625 874 400