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hr support services


Health and Safety Support Services
We are fully qualified and able to undertake or help write company policy and procedures, conducting risk assessments and health and safety audits. We are able to act on your behalf with all aspects of heath and safety law issues.

HR Support Services
Employment law is becoming more complex and finding your way through difficult situations and make the right decisions can be daunting, time consuming and costly - particularly if you get it wrong ! Your time is best spent on your business and you may not have the depth of knowledge or time to keep up with the latest legislation on HR issues.

We specialise in drafting employment handbooks for individual businesses that contain all the current legal and good practice requirements. It is very important that every business has 'fair' written procedures in place that all employees can follow.

To provide maximum protection for you as an employer, your handbook will include rules on such topics as discrimination, absence and disciplinary management. The handbook saves valuable management time in that employees can be referred to it on such issues as sick leave and holiday entitlements.

We are then able to offer you complete support when you take on new staff, make changes to your business or encounter staff disputes or problems.

HR and health and safety services can be taken as part of a retainer.