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There is a continuing increase in the number of employment tribunals dealing with employee claims for unfair dismissal, equal pay, redundancy issues and all aspects of discrimination so it is important that you are well prepared to deal with such claims.

Tribunals can be very costly for employers
both in terms of money and time, so it is important that you are quickly able to call on the right experienced and qualified support when you need it. We will advice on the best way to deal with any employee claim for the minimum of cost.

We will provide support and assistance with tribunal cases, preparing all the necessary paperwork, conducting all negotiations and acting on your behalf at the tribunal itself.

We can handle all aspects of defending the claim including help with the completion of the response form which would be sent to you as a result of a claim by an employee.  Please note that you only have 28 days to file the response form if you wish to defend the claim.

Once the response form has been completed and returned, you as an employer may have to attend the tribunal to put your side of the case. We at Employment Law Services are able to represent you at the tribunal and present your defence on the day.