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Employment Lawyer Services

Employment lawyers acting on behalf of businesses are qualified in the understanding and application of employment law and how it applies to a wide range of applications within the workplace. Legal proceedings can be a destructive burden on businesses and should be avoided if possible by taking advice and applying a pre-emptive action.

Employment Lawyers can help businesses in the following area :-

Sexual Harassment
In 2005 a new section was added to the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 to make sure that nobody is subjected to unwanted verbal or non-verbal sexual conduct in the workplace.

Unfair Dismissal
It is against the law to dismiss someone from their job without a justifiable valid reason.

Health and Safety at Work
Legislation requires that a business provides employees with suitable safety equipment for the job, provision of health and safety signs, sufficient training programs, enough welfare facilities and basically everything needed to avoid threats to the health and safety of employees.

Grievance procedures need to be in place to stop disputes in the workplace escalating and employers have a duty to ensure that employees are treated fairly.

Maternity and Paternity Rights
There are certain procedures that must be followed by law which covers the rights of mothers and fathers with regard to time of in the evnt of them having a baby.

There are many types of discrimination covered by the law including disability, race, religious, sex, sex orientation, age and religious. Failure to treat employers fairly because of any of these is classed as discrimination.

Constructive Dismissal
An employee may make a claim for constructive dismissal if they resign from their job on the basis that you have committed a fundamental breach of their contract.

There are laws governing procedures used when making employees redundant from their jobs the most import of which apply to the provision of a redundancy payment.

Part Time Workers
Part time workers have had similar rights to full time since 1995 and these laws have since been strengthened. These rights cover such things as pay, holidays and other benefits. If they are applied in the same way to part time workers, then the company could be at risk.

Disciplinary Procedures
Every business is required to have a disciplinary procedure designed to help and encourage workers to achieve and maintain minimum standards of conduct, performance and attendance.

Employment lawyers specialise in tackling the legal aspects of these topics from helping businesses to put policies in place and to assist when businesses are in breach of the law.