Given the need to comply with more and more legal requirements, the amount of administration work associated with employing just two or three people has become increasingly burdensome.

Financing problems with smaller companies means that employing in-house HR people can be out of the question and the only solution is to outsource this function to specialist hr service companies.

As businesses grow, the number of people employed in them also increases and so does the quantity of people related procedures and policies that the business needs to put in place.

Outsourcing HR support services allows small business owners to concentrate their efforts on running the business and making additional sales and profits. Larger businesses need to consider the cost effectiveness of employing just a few people in an HR department when they can outsource this function to a specialist HR facility.

Such a facility can draw on a much larger number of ‘specialist’ skills from within it’s own business such as tribunal specialists, recruitment specialists, administration specialists and policy implementation and training specialists.

Outsourced HR help can be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week which can be very convenient when an urgent issue need resolving. What’s more you know that the advice and input you get is up to date with 100% compliance to the most recent legislation.

Problems related to discrimination claims, absenteeism, grievances, tribunal assistance and other employment law issues can be easily and quickly dealt with using outsourced hr support services.

Perhaps the best and most common solution particularly for larger business is to outsource specific parts of their hr function whilst maintaining an in-house hr department. For instance, internal hr departments could handle aspects that require specific knowledge of the business such as recruitment, training and the handling of day to day issues. But such hr staff could work alongside outsourced hr services which could be responsible for setting up policies, providing legal advice on such things as health and safety and employment law and even providing legal representation at tribunal hearings where specialist knowledge is essential.

Having the correct documentation has become an important issue. Up to date contracts of employment which comply with current legislation, health and safety handbooks, sickness and absence policy documents, performance management and redundancy documents.

The beauty of outsourcing hr support services is that the business can choose the functions they wish to outsource, this may be just one or a few or everything. This allows the customer complete flexibility to set and work within a budget.